Corona warning app has received a tracking diary

Who did i meet And where? Important questions to understand the chain of infection in the event of a corona disease. After an update, the data can now be entered in the Corona warning app.

After another update shortly before the turn of the year, the Corona warning app now also has a tracking diary. The aim of the new function is to improve the tracking of the encounters of the past 14 days.

IPhone users who want to download the current version 1.10 can now do so manually in the app store. Due to the high number of downloads of the app, the rollout is ready in waves. The Google Play Store does not offer the possibility to initiate a manual update. However, the new app version should be available to Android users within 48 hours of publication, the developers announced in their blog for the Corona Warning app .

Enter contacts, place and period

After the update is complete, the new contact diary appears when you open the app. In order to enter the encounters of the past two weeks, the corresponding contacts are transferred from the personal phone book using the blue button “+ person”. In addition, users can also record the period and place, as well as nicknames and their own place names.

The app developers advise against the latter, however, as this may make traceable tracking of the chain of infection more difficult. If you have repeated contact with certain people or if you visit a place several times, it appears in a list, which should save users a lot of input work.

Passing on data is voluntary

If you have a positive corona test, you can send the data from the contact diary to the health department. It works as follows: By tapping the symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the smartphone screen, a menu with the “Export entries” function opens and a contact list for the past 14 days appears. They can be sent via email, WhatsApp, iMessage or SMS. Entering and passing on data to the health department is entirely voluntary, emphasize the developers.

Automatic deletion of the tracking diary data

According to the developers, the data entered in the diary is only saved locally on the smartphone and can be edited and deleted individually at any time. In terms of data protection, this also takes place automatically after 16 days.

According to the information, the Corona warning app has now been downloaded almost 25 million times. For the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) it is an “important component in fighting pandemics”.

Contact diaries in other apps too

A corona contact diary can also be kept in other apps. For example, iPhone users have been able to download “Your Diary” for free from the App Store since mid-December . The app comes from the team at the central reporting office for Hatespeech, “”. It has a similar range of functions as the previously available “Coronika” app from the Björn Steiger Foundation, which is available for iOS devices as well as for Android smartphones .

Meetings can also be recorded with “Your Diary” – with information on the duration, number of participants and other details. The developers promise that the data will only be stored on the device. Here, too, the records can be transferred to the health department, which can make it easier to follow up on contacts.

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