Corona app will soon hit more frequently

An update from Corona-Warn should adapt the tracing app to the current situation. The Corona app could thus gain in importance again.

With the last major update of the Corona app, the number of green risk encounters fell to zero for most users . At that time, the calculation basis was adjusted. Due to the current corona situation, adjustments are now being made, as the federal government announced.

The recording period is shortened

Specifically, the period in which you have to be near an infected person is shortened before the app works. This is currently ten minutes and will be shortened to five minutes in the future. This could be particularly noticeable in supermarkets and other public places. The reason for the update of the Corona app is, among other things, the higher risk of infection from new coronavirus variants.

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How does the update of the Corona app affect exactly?

As the federal government announced, the app will fail more often in the future. Accordingly, risk encounters marked in green will “increase moderately”. Users of the Corona app should check the app more often after the upcoming update. At least in our opinion, the Corona app has lost its importance in everyday life, especially since the last update. Due to the almost elimination of green risk encounters, the corona warning was checked less and less.

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Risk encounters are recognized even better

But it does not stop at a novelty. In addition, the app can now better filter out contacts with the same person. This is made possible by the expanded interface between Apple and Google.

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