Corona app now provides information on current infection numbers

There is an update with a new function for the German Corona warning app. In the future, users should be able to view current statistics on the occurrence of infections via the app.

Version 1.11 of the Corona warning app should be available for download within the next 48 hours. The main component of the update is a new function that displays the current corona numbers directly in the app.

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Current figures with Corona app update at a glance

The approximately 25 million people who use the Corona warning app can look forward to a practical new function. Based on the latest statistics from the Robert Koch Institute, a new display is to be integrated into the app’s home screen within the next two days. An overview is then located directly below the color-highlighted personal risk display, which shows confirmed new infections for the previous day, a 7-day average and the total number of infections in the country. Colored arrows behind the numbers show the development compared to the previous day or the week before last.

In addition, the images shown so far show a statistical overview of users who have “warned” and reported their infection via the app in the past few days. Users can switch between the two views by swiping. Further boxes show the 7-day incidence and the 7-day R-value, i.e. all confirmed new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and the average infection rate per person.

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New feature could be very useful

After the diary function , this is now the next major Corona app update. The official announcement states that the values ​​are updated every hour. The ads are intended to inform users and, if necessary, encourage them to enter positive test results in the app. In every statistic box there is also the possibility to get further information about the determined numbers. All users have to do is tap the information icon in the top right corner. There you will find explanations of important corona terms and the examined periods.

The new function should be practical for users above all because it enables them to get reliable and up-to-date figures on infection events more quickly and easily.

Corona app update rolled out gradually

The update to version 1.11 is to be rolled out to all users step by step over the next few days. The update is now available in the iOS app store. Android users have to wait another 24 to 48 hours before the new version will also be available in the Play Store.

In addition to the larger new function, there is also talk of minor adjustments and improvements. Among other things, the prospect is that the Corona warning app will soon also be available for older iPhones. So far, the limit was iOS 13.5 or the iPhone 6 models and the iPhone SE (2016). Only an exact time has not yet been determined.

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