Clubhouse changes sending of invitations

Access to the entire smartphone address book: Doesn’t necessarily go down well with users. The Clubhouse audio app has now apparently recognized this and reacted.

Until now, you had to grant the Clubhouse chat app access to the entire address book if you wanted to send invitations. After updating the iOS app, this is no longer necessary, as can be seen in the release notes for the update.

Clubhouse invitations without phone book access

Instead, you can that the number or the person now simply typing to whom or to go to the invitation. Until now, the app could simply be forbidden from viewing the address book. But then you didn’t lose any opportunity to invite friends. An Android app from Clubhouse has been announced, but it is not yet available.

Clubhouse upgrades security over fears China could spy on users

Nevertheless, the product testers came to a clear conclusion. The Clubhouse app collects an unnecessarily large amount of data and, with its privacy policy, violates the General Data Protection Regulation. They advise that you ask everyone you want to invite for consent in advance so that their contact details do not end up inadvertently at Clubhouse. Because Alpha Exploration grants itself the right to use the recorded contact data for marketing and advertising purposes.

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Clubhouse hype quickly subsided

A few weeks ago it still looked like the clubhouse was the big new thing in the social media world. Everyone wanted to be there and romped about in rooms. But this euphoria subsided for many. Enough talks and users are of course still there, but the magic of the new is gone. The online time of many club houses is likely to have decreased. On closer inspection, there have never been so many people at Clubhouse. The missing Android app takes care of that. But even so, surveys quickly showed that the app and the hype about it took place in a smaller media and social media bubble. So whether Clubhouse really has what it takes to be a great social media app is first to be seen in the stars.

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