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November 11th has become one of the most important days of the year for retailers in recent years. Originally introduced in China, Singles Day is now a fixed date in Europe. On this day, many retailers offer discounts and bargains. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has selected the best offers.

Many (online) retailers in Germany take part in Singles Day. However, Amazon is not there because the company is preparing for the equally important shopping day at the end of November with its early Black Friday deals. Still, bargain hunters can expect some interesting offers. Media Markt, Saturn, Otto, among others, but also Lidl and many other shops have already announced campaigns for Singles Day.

11 percent discount and other Singles Day promotions

The retailers Media Markt, Saturn and Otto are granting a discount of 11 percent on many products on Singles Day. Media Markt and Saturn customers need a customer card (MediaMarkt Club or Saturn Card) to receive the discount. Otto, however, grants it with the voucher code 12356 for products on the promotion page. Here you will mainly find televisions, but also games, monitors, smartphones and more.

Media Markt and Saturn offer their Singles Day offers both online and in branches throughout Germany. If customers shop here and present their Club or Saturn card, they receive an 11 percent discount on their entire purchase. However, Apple products such as the iPhone 12 family and the current Apple iPad Air 4th generation are excluded. Devices from Sonos, Tchibo Cafissimo, the Xbox (2020 models), pre-order items, third-party items, members-only items and all download and voucher cards, prepaid top-up cards and digital credit cards are also excluded from the discount campaign.

For some product groups there is even an additional 4 percent discount at Media Markt and Saturn. This includes Samsung smartphones, tablets and related accessories, beauty products, IT accessories, GSM accessories, photo & photo accessories and Microsoft IT products.

The best bargains for Singles Day

Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip for 179 euros 160.19 euros (-11%)

With the Gradient Lightstrip, Philips Hue has launched an LED strip specifically for televisions. It is available for TVs with screens from 55 to 75 inches. In contrast to the previous Lightstrips, the gradient is not only thicker and is already enclosed in a coating that provides diffuse light, it can also display a color gradient for the first time. In addition, the gradient is not glued directly to the back of the television, but rather placed in brackets that are included in the scope of delivery. In conjunction with the Hue Sync Box, the strip acts like an Ambilight familiar from Philips TVs. Colors from the TV program are transferred to the Gradient Lightstrip and thus create a special atmosphere when watching TV.

The 55-inch Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip currently costs 160.19 euros at Saturn and Media Markt. Shipping is free. Other retailers charge at least 179 euros for the product.

The sync box costs 198.67 euros from both retailers instead of the usual 223.23 euros. Here buyers also save 11 percent compared to other retailers.

Philips OLED855 for 1899.99 euros 1477.88 euros (-22%)

The Philips OLED TV has Ambilight backlighting. It provides atmospheric lighting outside of the film that adapts to the respective film situation. The color of the edge pixels is radiated onto the surroundings via lights attached to the side: It not only looks good, but has also been proven to be easy on the eyes. The 4K display can reproduce both HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. Content comes to the TV via a triple tuner or via the Internet (WLAN and Ethernet). Philips uses Google’s Android TV, which guarantees users a variety of apps. Operation is via a remote control, which is not only equipped with its own Netflix button, but also has a microphone for voice control. The Philips OLED855 has four HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, an analog input and USB ports including a USB recording function.

With a price of 1447.98 euros or 1477.98 euros with shipping, the Philips OLED855 is currently very cheap at Media Markt and Saturn. Usually buyers pay an average of over 400 euros more.

Nintendo Switch Lite for 199.95 euros 179.78 euros (-10%)

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been cheap in the past few months. The corona pandemic caused a run on the offers, the warehouses were soon empty. But now the console is back. Media Markt and Saturn are offering the Lite version for Singles Day at a great price. Unlike the normal Switch, the Switch Lite is only designed for handheld mode. But it costs significantly less and you get it in many bright colors.

Thanks to a discount, the Nintendo Switch Lite is currently available from Media Markt and Saturn for 179.78 euros. In addition, there are 2.99 euros shipping costs for home delivery.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition for 319.99 euros 284.88 euros (-11%)

If you want to play on TV with your switch, you need the normal version without Lite. The switch can also be used as a tablet with its own controller or as a handheld console. It can also function as a board game thanks to the touchscreen. They are available in the Fortnite Edition with a special look and game at a reasonable price.

Media Markt and Saturn sell the big switch for 284.88 euros – but only online, but with free shipping. The versions with gray or neon blue and neon red Joy-Cons are currently no longer available. At other retailers, the console costs from just under 320 euros.

LG NANO 867NA for 788.61 euros 634.26 euros (-20%)

The LG TV NANO 867NA runs with the app-compatible WebOS, displays content in 4K and up to 100 Hz and has a triple tuner, thanks to which the TV can be operated on any connection. Testers praise the high sharpness of motion for an LCD panel, the stable colors even at a high viewing angle and the good gaming properties thanks to 100 Hz. In terms of connections, the LG NANO 867NA has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports, but also an analog input . It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE and WLAN ac, Apple’s AirPlay 2 and USB playback. TV programs can be recorded, but only those that the user is watching. Because there is no second tuner.

The LG NANO 867NA with a 55-inch screen costs 604.31 euros from Otto thanks to a discount. There are also shipping costs of 29.95 euros. With a total price of 634.26 euros, Otto is still 9 percent cheaper than the next provider on Singles Day. If you like it bigger, you can choose the 65-inch version of the LG NANO 867NA. It costs 889.11 euros or 919.06 euros with shipping. For comparison: Other dealers sell the television from 1021 euros.

AVM Fritzbox 7590 for 182.51 euros 159.97 euros (-12%)

If you want to get a new router, you should do it now. The popular Fritzbox 7590 is currently available at the best price. The top router from AVM is specially designed for (V) DSL connections and was the first model to receive the new Fritz! OS 7.20. At the moment it is provided with updates and new functions almost weekly. The Fritzbox 7590 achieves speeds of up to 2533 Mbit / s thanks to WLAN ac, has a home control center for the smart home, a DECT base station with answering machine for telephones and various connection options for analog and ISDN telephones as well as gigabit devices. She is also fit for VDSL supervectoring.

At 159.97 euros, the Fritzbox is currently cheaper than ever at Media Markt and Saturn. Usually buyers have to pay at least 182 euros.

GoPro Hero 9 Black for 429 euros 399.61 euros (-7%)

The GoPro Hero 9 Black replaces the Hero 8 as the current top model. Presented in September, they are now available for Singles Day 2020 at a low price at Media Markt and Saturn. There are only a few visual differences to the predecessor. But GoPro has fine-tuned the technology of its action cam. The GoPro Hero 9 Black has the integrated bracket introduced with the 8 series on the underside of the camera. Users no longer need a cover for fastening. The capacity of the exchangeable battery has grown from 1220 mAh to 1720 mAh, which means that even longer recordings can be made with the action cam.

The camera has a 1.4-inch color touchscreen for operation, but can also be controlled using a few buttons, by voice or by an app. It allows live streaming and a webcam mode with up to 1080p. Without a special housing, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is waterproof up to 10 meters. It also has optimized electronic image stabilization and improved “HyperSmooth” technology that can compete with mechanically stabilized gimbals. The camera can record in 5K with up to 30 frames per second (FPS – images per second) or in 4K with up to 60 FPS.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black is available from Media Markt and Saturn for 399.61 euros. The action cam has never been so cheap.

Singles Day – from a holiday to a shopping event

Singles Day originally comes from China. The day for single people is traditionally celebrated there on November 11th. Over time, it was picked up by the dealers who use Singles Day for a wide variety of promotions. On this day, restaurants offer special menu offers, clubs and karaoke bars attract with special events – and retailers use Singles Day for huge discounts. In the meantime, November 11th is just as important for online retailers in the Far East as Black Friday.

Extended right of exchange

If you have clicked the order button too quickly in the heat of the moment or if the bargain turned out to be the right one, you currently have longer time to return your purchases. Media Markt and Saturn have extended their return period. All products that customers bought between November 3rd and December 17th can return until December 31st, 2020. This includes the orders for Singles Day as well as the upcoming Black Friday. Mail order company Otto has even extended the return guarantee to January 31, 2021. Here, too, orders can be exchanged for longer.

Note: In this article we use so-called affiliate links. That means: We get a small commission when users click on it and complete a purchase. However, this has no influence on the selection and assessment of the bargains by the editors. This also does not change the price for you as a possible customer.

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