Bill Gates reveals why he uses an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has both an Android smartphone and an iPhone. Nevertheless, the billionaire only carries one of these with him on a daily basis – for good reason.T

In an interview with New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bill Gates revealed more about his personal smartphone tastes on the audio chat platform Clubhouse.

Mainly Android – but also a little iPhone

The topics of conversation in the interview included Gates’ new book “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”, COVID-19 – and smartphones.

In the informal conversation, Bill Gates revealed that he privately uses an Android smartphone in everyday life. As an explanation he said:

“Some of the Android manufacturers install Microsoft software out of the box, which makes it easy for me. They are more flexible in the way the software is integrated with the operating system, so I’ve got used to it. “

Unfortunately, he did not reveal which Android smartphone Bill Gates actually uses. But since Microsoft apps appear to be preinstalled, it could be a Galaxy smartphone from Samsung. The smartphones are available as so-called “Essentials Bundles” with pre-installed Microsoft apps. Microsoft’s own Surface Duo with Android is of course also an option – it also comes with the apps.

As the third richest person in the world, Gates of course also has an iPhone up his sleeve that he keeps playing around with. After all, he has to stay up to date when Apple introduces new technologies and functions again. Many of his friends also have iPhones.

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Microsoft’s own smartphone operating system was a flop

Some will remember Windows Mobile and later Windows Phone. The smartphone operating system never really caught on and at its best achieved a market share of just 3.6 percent. The OS struggled with software bugs and a lack of support from app developers. In 2015, Microsoft finally stomped on Windows Mobile.

At a conference of the investment firm Village Global , Bill Gates called the failure of smartphones with Windows Mobile the “biggest mistake” he has ever made. Accordingly, the market only had space for a mobile operating system – and Google grabbed it with Android.

Microsoft itself relies on Android

Since Windows Mobile was discontinued, Microsoft’s mobile division has focused on developing apps for iOS and Android. The software giant not only offers its office suite as apps, but also has its browser, translator and SwiftKey keyboard in its range. In addition, Android smartphones can be integrated with the Windows operating system using the “Your Phone Companion” app.

Microsoft is embracing Android as the mobile version of Windows

With the Microsoft Duo, the company also launched its first smartphone with Android in 2020. The special thing about the device are the two screens and the folding mechanism, with which it can be transformed from a smartphone to a tablet with a single movement of the hand. The duo has received a lot of positive reviews for the new approach and the excellent folding mechanism. The outdated hardware and problems with the software, as well as the high price of more than 1500 euros, make it unsuitable for the mass market. However, if you want a Microsoft smartphone, you can’t ignore the Duo.

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