Apple Watch 7 could get a blood glucose meter

This year, Apple fans not only expect a new iPhone, the Apple Watch is also getting a new edition. New to the Series 7 are further sensors that could enable completely new health analyzes. But Apple is also apparently upgrading the hardware of its Smartwatch. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON summarizes all information about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

The manufacturer has been positioning its smartwatch as a health and fitness tracker for several years. The smart watches no longer serve only as indicators of news and as pedometers. They now offer a much wider range of functions. Some of the highlights are the measurement of the oxygen content in the blood, the EKG app, sleep tracking and the analysis of your own fitness data. The Apple Watch Series 7 will most likely have all of these features – and more. For example, a sensor-controlled blood sugar measuring device could be revolutionary.

Blood glucose meter in the Apple Watch Series 7

The idea of ​​integrating a blood glucose meter into a smartwatch is not new. However, it has not yet been implemented. Because the work on a medically used new sensor is very extensive and time-consuming. No manufacturer can and does not want to allow errors or incorrect analyzes.

But now the time has come. According to a report by the Korean news magazine ” ETNews “, both Apple and Samsung are planning a smartwatch with a blood sugar sensor. Both devices should come on the market this year. The special thing about this is the fact that the blood sugar level is measured non-invasively thanks to Raman spectroscopy. The little spade until it bleeds is omitted. This is made possible by infrared technology in conjunction with a special optical sensor. Apple has apparently already patented some relevant technologies and is currently in the test phase.

Also, one of the next steps for Apple is to get the sensor approved by the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration. This is necessary because the function is intended to be used as a medical device for diabetics and users who want to monitor their blood sugar levels. Apple is already familiar with this process from the approval process for its EKG measurement function, which was introduced in the Apple Watch 4 in 2018. Since March 2019, it has also been CE-certified and can be used in Europe.

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Hardware of the new Apple smartwatch

Little is known about the hardware equipment of the Apple Watch Series 7. Due to Apple’s usual procedure, however, we assume that the Apple S7 is used in the watch. It is the successor chip to the Apple S6, which powers the sixth generation of Apple Watch. Depending on the model, the watches also have WiFi or even additional eSIM support and can therefore also be used independently of the iPhone. Apple may equip its new smartwatch with 5G and Wifi 6 – in line with the innovations introduced in the iPhone 12.

The manufacturer’s smartwatches are usually square instead of round and protected from scratches by sapphire glass. The shape of the Apple Watch has remained almost unchanged for years – if we disregard the increasingly narrow display bezel. In 2021, the look of the watch could change, because Apple may change the watch’s crown. The Apple Watch can not only be controlled via the small rotatable button on the right-hand side, it also houses parts of the ECG sensors. As early as 2019, a patent application showed a design in which the crown could be sunk into the watch case. In 2020, however, Apple patented a sensory solution in which the watch works without a crown. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will implement one of the ideas in the Apple Watch Series 7.

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When is the Apple Watch 7 coming?

Apple traditionally presents the latest generation of its Apple Watch at its keynote in September. This year, the presentation could take place along with the iPhone 13 on September 14th or 15th, or on September 21st or 22nd. This means that Apple still has plenty of time to complete its Apple Watch Series 7.

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