Apple starts replacement program for AirPods Pro

As popular as Apple’s AirPods are, they are not free from defects. The manufacturer had to admit this to itself and has started an exchange program for its AirPods Pro. In certain production series there are apparently problems with sound reproduction and noise canceling. Apple will therefore exchange affected headphones.

As can be read in Apple’s support document, the replacement only affects AirPods Pro that were produced before October 2020. The affected models can be submitted for review until October 2021. According to the company, the corresponding service program will run until then.

This is how the sound problems with Apple’s in-ears become noticeable

According to Apple, only a small percentage of the AirPods Pro produced in the period mentioned are affected by the current sound problems. Above all, users reported two abnormalities in the sound output.

Some reported that their headphones made crackling or static sounds, which were even amplified in noisy environments, when exercising or when talking on the phone. Others, in turn, reported problems with active noise cancellation, such as a loss of bass sound or the amplification of background noise. According to Apple, the problems only affect the Pro models of AirPods that rolled off the production line during the period mentioned. And only these can be exchanged as part of the Apple service program.

Apple is exchanging affected AirPods Pro

If owners notice one of the above problems with their AirPods Pro and have a model that is eligible for the exchange, they can request an inspection from Apple or an authorized Apple partner. To do this, either contact the manufacturer yourself, make an appointment in the Apple Store or contact a service provider. Once the headphones have been received, Apple checks them for the errors mentioned and replaces the affected in-ears if necessary.

However, Apple is not replacing the complete AirPods Pro including the charging case. Rather, only the in-ears where Apple can prove the error are exchanged. The manufacturer also points out that exchanging the true wireless headphones will not extend the warranty.

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