Apple is already working on foldable displays for iPhones

Huawei already has one, as do Samsung and Motorola. As the next major smartphone manufacturer, Apple could now bring a smartphone with a foldable display onto the market. At least current media reports, which even mention a possible launch date for the new iPhone, suggest this.

Since there have been specific reports on folding smartphones, there has also been speculation as to whether Apple may also be planning a foldable iPhone. They flared up again when the competition finally presented their models. For a long time, however, it was unclear whether Apple would also dare such an experiment. After all, the manufacturer has traditionally been rather conservative in terms of design. But now there are reports from China that Foxconn, manufacturer of iPhone components, is already working on a foldable display for Apple.

Foldable iPhone from Apple: First tests are already running

The reports come from the Chinese newspaper “Economic Daily News“. According to the paper, Apple has already sent a test sample of its foldable iPhone to its production partner Foxconn. He should now carry out tests and clarify how a foldable iPhone could best be implemented. Look at different approaches, for example, whether the use of OLED or micro-LED technology is more suitable for the foldable iPhone. Because the display technology used has an influence on the folding mechanism, so the explanation. The supplier of the displays is Samsung. Both companies have worked together frequently in the past. In addition, Samsung already has experience in the field of foldable smartphones with its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flex.

Another test process concerns the stability of the hinge. It would have to withstand being folded and unfolded around 100,000 times in order to pass the test procedure. This is more than twice as common as folding MacBooks. Apple and its suppliers assume that a foldable iPhone is opened and closed significantly more often during the day than a laptop. Therefore, the test procedures are also stricter. We want to avoid errors like those that occurred when starting the first Galaxy Fold.

Possible date for folding iPhone known

However, the report does not yet give any indication of what the upcoming foldable iPhone from Apple might look like. It could be that the manufacturer simply connects two displays with a hinge. A continuous, flexible display would also be possible, as has already been indicated in a patent application. Apple would like to wait for the said tests for possible implementation options first. With regard to these many open questions, it is somewhat surprising that there is already an alleged presentation date for the iPhone with a folding display. According to the report, Apple plans to present it in September 2022 – in less than two years.


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