Apple and Samsung warn of the consequences of the global chip shortages

The entertainment electronics industry has been suffering from delivery bottlenecks for months. Semiconductor chips that are important for production are only available to a limited extent. This leads to delays in the delivery of game consoles, graphics cards and now even smartphones and tablets.

Loss of sales for Apple and Samsung due to chip shortages expected

In the midst of a boom in demand, the two technology giants Apple and Samsung Electronics are worried about the consequences of the global chip shortages. As a result, the scarcity Apple could bring sales losses between three and four billion dollars in the current quarter, said CFO Luca Maestri on Thursday night to analysts.

Samsung plans to increase production

Samsung – itself a large semiconductor manufacturer – expects from April to June, among other things, due to delivery problems for certain components, with a decline in sales and profits in the smartphone division, which at the beginning of the year had been a major factor in the group’s profit jump. The mobile communications, consumer electronics and, above all, the automotive industry are suffering massively from the bottlenecks that have partially paralyzed production at numerous car manufacturers. Samsung now wants to counter this itself by expanding its capacities.

Chip bottlenecks are showing the first consequences for Apple

The lack of chip stocks mainly affect the iPad and Mac, said Apple CEO Tim Cook. The recently introduced new iPads will therefore not go on sale until the end of May. Despite this, the Americans continued to break records in the Corona crisis. Thanks to the high demand for 5G-capable iPhones and new computers in the home office age, sales rose by almost 54 percent from January to March to 89.6 billion dollars, which has never been reached in this period. The profit has more than doubled to $ 23.63 billion. Apple announced it would buy back shares worth $ 90 billion. The Apple paper rose three percent before the market. Google has also announced a $ 50 billion share buyback program.

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Samsung will overtake Apple in Q1 2021

With the release of the iPhone 12 in fall 2020, Apple was able to significantly increase its sales in Q4. As a result, the company from Cupertino overtook market leader Samsung in terms of the number of devices sold. Now Samsung has taken back the crown as the largest provider. According to the market watchers from Canalys, the South Korean company shipped 76.5 million smartphones in the first quarter and thus had a market share of 22 percent. Samsung’s operating profit climbed 46 percent to 9.4 trillion won (the equivalent of seven billion euros). Meanwhile, Apple fell back to second place with 52.4 million iPhones shipped with a market share of 15 percent, followed by Xiaomi from China.

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