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We are repeatedly asked by customers or members of the free Facebook group on the subject of Canva whether the paid pro version of Canva is worthwhile. For a long time we have “made do” with the free version. In the meantime we don’t want to miss the advantages of the Pro version anymore. The costs are really manageable. You pay a total of € 109.99 annually or € 11.99 / month if you cancel monthly. Nevertheless, we have created many, many designs with Canva in the free version so far. To make your decision easier for you, here are our TOP 10 reasons for the Pro version.

Our TOP 10 reasons for Canva Pro

1. Transparent backgrounds

An exciting thing: Transparent backgrounds for logos and other graphics are possible! You can find a video about this here:

By loading the video, you accept Vimeo’s privacy policy.

2. Resize function (change size)

You have a great  image  Canva  created and now you want this design also use for other purposes. In the free version it is now, a new create s design and recreate all well. With  Canva Pro * But you have the Resize function to access and can use the existing design  to a different size s kalieren. Simply click only Resize  (size change)  to:     

If you want to create an additional draft, all you have to do is click ” Copy & Resize ” . When you overwrite the old design want,  click  on  ” Resize”  and  schwubs –  the design is transferred to the new dimension. If there are elements on the edge, you may have to move them around a bit, but that was it. 

That makes working with Canva just super easy and saves you a lot of time. 

3. Upload logo

You can add more logos your company to upload and have  these d ann immediately accessible when you  on the home page  to ” brand documents click”. This saves you time because you can not scroll all uploads  mu ss t. 

4. Store your branding colors

As shown in the animation, you can add your branding colors. And not just once, but you can create different sets. Especially useful if you manage several companies or products with different color portfolios. The number of colors is not limited, but of course only a few colors that represent the recognition value of your branding make sense. In the free  Canva , the color palette is limited to three colors – in Canva Pro * you can really let off steam!  

5. Your writings in Canva Set 

You can build your  fonts ( typefaces for the headings and normal text area set before, like I show you in the animation. In addition, you can create your own fonts ,  D u  can for just  the writings  of D a computer  to upload . This is especially  exciting when you’ve bought a font to use for your branding.

6. Team templates

Working in a team is  very easy with the paid  version of Canva . In this way, you can easily share individual content with your virtual assistants or cooperation partners. Just awesome!  

7. Animation

You  can also make animations with  Canva , but the Pro version  gives you even more options. u can in the shortest time  small ” gifs ” (animated images) or small movies  create . Have a look for yourself:

8. Content Planner (Content planners )

You  can now also plan your  social media posts directly via  Canva . This has  so far been the case  for the platforms  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Slack  and Tumblr  Instagram is not  be prevented. Really handy that you the images directly on the design for now  Social can preplan -Media without the program w e chseln to’d have s.

9. Effects in pictures

Sometimes you might want to cut out a picture, e.g. your own profile picture, this is now possible with the Background  Remover  with one click. If you still feel like it, you can use the Effects menu to colorize the images and give your  image a different look.

Also interesting: Anyone reading this article gets free Duolingo Plus!

10. More Stock Images ro-E ELEMENTS & Templates :

In the free  Canva version, you already have a large selection of images, graphics and videos available. Nevertheless, it can be quite a mess if you  still  want to buy pro elements . Pictures  and  graphics  cost € 1, audios  € 3 and videos cost € 5. With the Pro version, all of these elements are included free of charge. If you then  consider  what you  would pay for the usage rights here at agencies, Canva Pro is definitely worth it . So if this 10 Points are not relevant to you, then you should just stay with  Canva in the free version.


If you want a free Canva Pro membership, please mention your mail adress in the comments and we will contact you.

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