Another manufacturer is now delivering a smartphone without a charger

At the start of the iPhone 12, Apple’s decision not to include a charger any longer sparked discussions. Another manufacturer is now following suit, and even more could follow suit.

The Causa Charger has taken a more or less unexpected turn. When Apple presented its new iPhone 12 in autumn 2020 and announced that it would no longer include a charger, there was a greater media coverage. Some companies then used the missing charger on the iPhone 12 for their own PR stunts. Both Xiaomi and Samsung posted posts on social media boasting that their smartphones would come with everything they needed, including a power adapter.

First make fun – then imitate

It’s not the first time other companies have followed Apple’s controversial example. Companies like Samsung and LG also made fun of the abandonment of the 3.5 mm audio connection in the iPhone 7 2016. Only four years later there is practically not a single flagship smartphone that still has a jack socket.

The first manufacturer who should now resist laughing is Xiaomi. Two months ago, the company assured in a tweet that buyers needn’t be afraid because the Mi 10T Pro also comes with a charger in the box.

Xiaomi CEO Jun has now announced that the next flagship Mi 11 will only come with a cable, as reported by The Verge . The announcement was posted on the Chinese social media portal Weibo.

Xiaomi: no charger for more environmental protection

Jun justifies the decision with environmental concerns and thus follows the same line of reasoning as Apple. The content of the post can be translated as follows:

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is presented with brand new packaging that is very light and flat. The reason for the flatness is an important decision we made: in response to the call for technology and environmental protection, the Xiaomi Mi 11 comes without a charger.

Everyone has a ton of idle chargers these days, which is both a problem for you and the environment. We are aware that this decision may not be understood or even objected to. Is there a better solution between industrial practice and environmental protection? Let’s talk about it at the Wed-11 press conference next Monday.

Similarly, Apple also justified the waiver of a power supply. However, Apple delivers the iPhone 12 with a USB-C to Lightning cable. If you don’t have this, you have to buy a USB-C charger from Apple for just under 24 euros or use a third-party manufacturer. This questions Apple’s intention as to whether doing without a charger really serves environmental protection – or is more an additional source of income. It remains to be seen what kind of cable Xiaomi will include with the Mi 11. Because most of them only have chargers with a USB-A output lying around at home.

Xiaomi and Apple are not alone

Xiaomi is unlikely to be the only manufacturer to imitate Apple. Samsung, too, first made fun of Apple and posted a picture of its charger on social media – with the signature “Included with your Galaxy”. Now the company has deleted the posts again. No wonder, because apparently Samsung is planning to do without an included power supply with the Galaxy S21 . The smartphone is supposed to be launched in January 2021.


“Just two months after the smartphone manufacturers collectively made fun of Apple, the first one is already following suit and delivers a smartphone without a charger. I can understand the environmental aspect and I support it. But then please without the hollow comments for PR purposes, if in the end everything is copied again. ”

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