Android users still have to wait for the Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse social audio app is available exclusively for iOS users. The new social medium quickly gained attention through targeted invitations and prominent participants. The app should also appear for Android.

Google’s Android operating system has a market share of around 75 percent. Apple’s iOS takes up the remaining 25. Accordingly, the availability of the Clubhouse app on both platforms guarantees a much larger user base. But that will take a while.

Clubhouse founder announces Android version

Last Sunday, Paul Davison, co-founder of the social audio app Clubhouse, confirmed that the company was working meticulously on the implementation for Android. For this purpose, software developers who specialize in Google’s operating system have been hired. In this context, however, Davison also spoke of the fact that the complete implementation would certainly take a few months, a realistic release date would be around summer 2021.

The release date was a long time coming

As early as the end of January, users were informed via Clubhouse’s blog post that work on the Android version would start soon. However, there was currently neither a scheduled framework nor a possible release date. Currently, only iOS users can join the virtual audio rooms to listen to conversations or to have some themselves. The initial hype of the iPhone community has meanwhile subsided somewhat. Therefore, the founders should top it up as quickly as possible.

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Clubhouse rival takes advantage of delays

While Clubhouse is still working on the implementation, the biggest rival “Twitter Spaces” has already welcomed the first Android users. As of this month, the audio rooms of the Twitter short message platform are also available to non-iOS users. Thus, Twitter Spaces currently has the edge in the race for the most listeners and speakers in the social audio community. The competition is not over yet, however, because a possible intensification of the development capacities could bring Clubhouse to the same level.

Experts consider the implementation for Android to be an important step. Because only by reaching a wider audience can the social audio app gain popularity.

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