Android apps crash due to an incorrect update

It happens again and again that updates lead to problems. In the most recent case, numerous Android apps are affected, some of which simply crashed or did not even want to start.

At the beginning of the week, there were increasing reports on the Internet that apps were crashing more and more on Android smartphones. The reason for this is a faulty update that was released by Google via the Play Store.

Apps crash due to Google service

All smartphones that have access to Google apps come with what are known as Google services. The services are preinstalled and an integral part of the operating system, so they cannot be uninstalled. However, Google still plays updates via the Play Store, as in this case.

The service that received a faulty update is Android System WebView. Android apps use it to display content from the Internet. That also explains why no specific apps were affected. Those affected reported problems with Gmail, Chrome, banking apps, and more. We ourselves also had problems with the YouTube app, which simply crashed, and a game that would not even load.

Google started working on a solution to the problem on the night of March 23rd. The company has documented the process in detail on the workspace side . In the meantime, Android System WebView has received an update that those affected can download from the Play Store . An update is also available for the Chrome browser for Android . In both cases, simply follow the link and click on “Update” to install the bug fix.
The defective update for WebView can be uninstalled in the Play Store

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Apps crash – what to do?

In the case of the WebView service, which causes apps to crash, the solution is quite simple. Before the bug fix from Google was available for download, those affected could simply uninstall the faulty update. To do this, search for ” Android System WebView ” in the Play Store and select the app from the search results. You can follow this Play Store link for alternatives . Click on Uninstall to uninstall all updates including the faulty one.

You can try the same process if only a single preinstalled app crashes. With these apps it is possible to simply uninstall the updates via the Play Store. The process works a little differently for self-installed apps. Because here the deinstallation leads to the fact that an app disappears completely. However, there is a way to undo recent changes to the app. To do this, go to the Apps item in the Android settings (on some devices also click on Show all apps ). Find the affected app in the list and open it. Now select the Storage and Cache option and and click on Clear Cache .

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