All new movies and series on Netflix in May

In May 2021, Netflix users can look forward to a lot of new content. Part of the program is already known. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals which new series, seasons and films will land on Netflix in May.

With Disney +, Apple TV +, Amazon Video, Sky Ticket and Co., the competition for Netflix is ​​growing steadily. Against this background, the still leading streaming provider must not let up in order to keep its customers happy. The best way to do this is with always new content and so a number of new titles will land on Netflix again in May 2021. As usual, there are some in-house productions, new projects and sequels. But the streaming service has also been busy shopping and offers some international highlights. Regardless of whether it’s thriller, action or children’s films – there is something for everyone with the Netflix news in May.

New series on Netflix in May

As always, the Netflix novelties in the series are a little less than in the films. But that doesn’t mean that we can expect less good releases here in May. On the contrary: Among other things, some very good rated Korean series landed on Netflix in May. But popular documentary series and titles for children are also included. With “The Upshaws” a new comedy is about to start and crime fans will find what they are looking for in the German series “Falk”.

title, Genre (year), Performers, IMDb date
Falk (season 1) Adventure, Crime (2018-) Fritz Karl, Mira Bartuschek, Alessija Lause 7.4 05/01/2021
44 cats (season 1) Animation, adventure, children (2018-) – 6.2 05/01/2021
The Vikings (Season 1) Documentary, History (2018) Jeremy Freeston, Tim Sutherland, Neil Price 7.2 05/01/2021
The Teutons (Season 1) Documentary, History (2007-) Jürg Löw, Bodo Primus, Josef Tratnik 7.2 05/01/2021
The Women of the Vikings (Season 1) Documentary, History (2014) Annette Lober, Leonie Benesch, Jakob Benkhofer 6.7 05/01/2021
Divine Gate (Season 1) Animation, Action, Fantasy (2016-) – 5.1 05/01/2021
Mü-Mo the garbage truck (Season 1) Animation, children (2020-) – 8.5 05/04/2021
Selena: The Series (Part 2) Biography, Drama, Music (2020-) Christian Serratos, Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira 6.7 05/04/2021
Navillera (Season 1) Drama (2021-) In-hwan Park, Song Kang, Moon-hee Na 8.3 05/04/2021
Jupiter’s Legacy (Season 1) Action, Adventure, Drama (2021-) Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb – 05/07/2021
Vincenzo (Season 1) Comedy, Crime, Romance (2021-) Song Joong-Ki, Yeo-bin Jeon, Taecyeon 8.4 05/09/2021
The Upshaws (Season 1) Comedy (2021-) Journey Christine, Michel Estime, Jermelle Simon – 05/12/2021
Move to Heaven (Season 1) Drama (2021-) Lee Jehoon, Jin-hee Ji, Tang Joon-Sang – 05/14/2021
Our Sandman and Friends (Season 1) Children (2012-) – – 05/20/2021

Jupiter’s Legacy, starting May 7th

The series, based on a comic book, will premiere exclusively on Netflix in May. After the first generation of superheroes successfully protected the world from danger for almost a century, it is now up to their children to continue doing so. But are they living up to their parents’ legacy?

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New movies on Netflix in May

Lots of action, a few comedies and dramas are what make Netflix’s novelties in the movies category for May. With “Army of the Dead”, for example, another Zack Snyder film (“300”, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”) starts on the streaming provider. The film “Monster! Monster? “Tells the story of a 17-year-old who is suddenly charged with murder.

title, Genre (year), Performers, IMDb date
The best of all worlds Drama (2017) Verena Altenberger, Jeremy Miliker, Lukas Miko 7.7 05/01/2021
Hunt for Red October Action Adventure (1990) Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn 7.6 05/01/2021
The Fakers Crime, Drama, History (2007) Karl Markovics, August Diehl, Devid Striesow 7.6 05/01/2021
The Porche 911 story Documentary (2011) – – 05/01/2021
Star Trek Beyond Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi (2016) Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban 7.1 05/01/2021
The First Time – you will never forget your first time! Comedy, Drama, Romance (2012) Dylan O’Brien, Britt Robertson, Victoria Justice 6.8 05/01/2021
At a short distance Crime, Drama (1986) Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, Mary Stuart Masterson 7.0 05/01/2021
Da Vinci Code – The Da Vinci Code Mystery, Thriller (2006) Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Jean Reno 6.6 05/01/2021
Last Action Hero Action, Adventure, Comedy (1993) Arnold Schwarzenegger, F. Murray Abraham, Art Carney 6.4 05/01/2021
Before I wake Drama, Fantasy, Horror (2016) Kate Bosworth, Oleksandr Reshetilov, Thomas Jane 6.2 05/01/2021
Bavaria – dream trip through Bavaria Documentary (2012) – 6.6 05/01/2021
The visitors – storming the Bastille Comedy, Fantasy (2016) Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Franck Dubosc 4.6 05/01/2021
Fifty Shades of Black – Dangerous blows Comedy (2016) Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Fred Willard 3.5 05/01/2021
Bra Wars Documentary (2000) – 5.8 05/01/2021
And tomorrow the whole world Crime, Drama, Romance (2020) Mala Emde, Noah Saavedra, Tonio Schneider 6.3 05/06/2021
Milestone Drama (2020) Lakshvir Saran, Suvinder Vicky 5.9 05/07/2021
Monster! Monster? Adaptation of the book, Drama (2021) Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright – 05/07/2021
Super size me Documentary (2004) Morgan Spurlock, Daryl Isaacs, Chemeeka Walker 7.2 05/09/2021
IT Chapter 2 Horror (2019) Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader 6.5 05/09/2021
The 41st ball Biography, Drama, History (2020) Alfonso Herrera, Emiliano Zurita, Mabel Cadena – 05/12/2021
S is for Stanley Documentary, biography, drama (2015) Emilio D’Alessandro, Alex Infascelli, Roberto Pedicini 6.9 05/12/2021
The Woman in the Window Crime, Drama, Mystery (2021) Amy Adams, Donat Balaj, Anthony Mackie – 05/14/2021
High society Comedy (2017) Emilia Schüle, Jannik Schümann, Zsá Zsá Inci 5.3 05/15/2021
Army of the Dead Action, Crime, Horror (2021) Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick – 05/21/2021
Baggio: The divine pigtail Biography, drama, sports (2021) Andrea Arcangeli, Valentina Bellè, Thomas Trabacchi – 05/26/2021

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Monster, from May 7th

Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) is a normal but very talented student at an elite school. His world turns upside down when he is charged with murder. All of a sudden, he faces a complex legal battle – always at risk of spending the rest of his life in prison.

The Woman in the Window, from May 14th

Anna Fox (Amy Adams) has agoraphobia and therefore lives her life in her apartment. She prefers to watch the world from her window. When a new family called Russel moves into the house across the street, they befriend the woman, Jane Russel. But one day Anna appears to witness a crime. Was Jane Really Murdered? And if so, who is the apparently new Jane who lives in the Russels’ house?

Army of the Dead, May 21

After a zombie outbreak, Las Vegas is devastated and isolated from the rest of the world. Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a former zombie war hero, suddenly gets a lucrative offer: He is supposed to penetrate the zombie-infested quarantine zone in order to recover $ 200 million from a vault under the Las Vegas Strip. But he doesn’t have a long time to do it, because the city is to be razed to the ground by the government in 32 hours with a nuclear strike.

Still in April – these innovations are waiting for you

New series on Netflix

title, Genre (year), Performers, IMDb date
Sisyphus (Season 1) Action (2021) Cho Seung-woo, Shin-hye Park – April 15, 2021
Hello, Me! (Season 1) Fantasy, Romance (2021–) Cho Kang-hee, Kim Young-kwang 7.2 April 15, 2021
Fast & Furious Spy Racers Mexico (Season 4) Animation (2019–) – 5.4 04/16/2021
Why are you like this? (Season 1) Comedy (2018-) Naomi Higgins, Olivia Junkeer 6.3 04/16/2021
Luis Miguel (Season 2) Biography, history (2018–) Diego Boneta, Martin Bello 8.1 04/18/2021
Izzy and the Koalas (Season 2) Documentary (2020–) Izzy Bee 8.2 April 20, 2021
Zero (Season 1) Anime, Sci-Fi (2020) – 6.4 04/21/2021
Life in Color with David Attenborough (Season 1) Documentary (2021) – – 04/22/2021
Shadow and Bone: Legends of Grisha (Season 1) Fantasy (2021–) Freddy Carter, Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux–
– 04/23/2021
Tut Tut Cory Flitzer (Season 4) Animation, family (2020–) – 8.3 04/27/2021
Fatma (season 1) Thriller (2021–) Burcu Biricik – 04/27/2021
Suits (Season 9) Comedy, Drama (2011–) Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams 8.5 04/28/2021
Sexify (Season 1) Comedy (2021–) – – 04/28/2021
Headspace: A Sleep Guide (Season 2) – – – 04/30/2021
The inconspicuous Juanquini (season 2) Comedy (2020–) Antonio Sanint, Mariana Gomez – 04/30/2021
No Peace To The Dead (Season 1) Drama, crime (2021–) Mario Casas, Alexandra Jiménez – 04/30/2021
Ash vs Evil Dead (Seasons 1-3) Horror (2015-2018) Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo
8.4 04/30/2021
My Pet Is A Star (Season 1) – – – 04/30/2021

Shadow and Bone, from April 23rd

Based on the successful novel by Leigh Bardugos, “Shadow and Bone” takes place in a gloomy world destroyed by war. The orphan Alina Starkov unleashes an extraordinary power there, which could be the key to the liberation of her country, but which also puts her in danger. Alina is torn out of everything she knows to be trained as part of a magical elite army.

New movies on Netflix

title, Genre (year), Performers, IMDb date
Ride or Die Romance, Thriller (2021) Kiko Mizuhara, Honami Sato – April 15, 2021
Love and Monsters Action, Comedy (2020) Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick 7th April 15, 2021
Into the beat Music, Romance (2020) Alexandra Peifer, Yalany Marschner 5.7 04/16/2021
Ajeeb Daastaans – Strange Stories Drama, Romance (2021) – – 04/16/2021
netltell me when – – – 04/23/2021
Things Heard & Seen Horror, Thriller (2021) Amanda Seyfried, Natalie Dyer – 04/29/2021
Yasuke Anime (2021) LaKeith Stanfield – 04/29/2021
The Mitchells against the machines Animation (2021) Iolivia Colman, Maya Rudolph – 04/30/2021
Searching For Sheela Documentary (2021) Ma Anand Sheela – 04/30/2021

Last chance on Netflix

In addition to the many Netflix innovations in the program , the provider also sells a few films and series every month . Check the linked article to see whether there are any titles that you would like to look at quickly beforehand.

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