All new features of iOS 14.5 at a glance

After Apple had to deliver iOS 14.4 quickly in order to plug security holes, the company has a little more time with iOS 14.5. The new update brings several important features.

IOS 14.5 is now available as a public beta. This means everyone can download the update and test the new features. The solution to the mask problem with Face ID is particularly important. Apple is now finally enabling control of advertising tracking. This can finally prevent third-party companies from using the usage data for advertising purposes.

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New emojis in iOS 14.5

Actually, we didn’t expect new emojis before 2022. But now Apple has brought forward the publication without further ado. With iOS 14.5, there are 217 new entries on the iPhone . While there are some completely new ones, there are also some that have just been customized. For example, there are more gender and skin color-appropriate smileys, symbols remodeled on Apple devices and even corona changes.

Completely new emojis

Three new smileys: a face exhaling, a face with spiral eyes and a face in the fog.

New to hearts: a heart on fire and a recovering heart

Including emojis

The couple emojis finally have more skin colors to choose from
When choosing a smiley face with a beard, you can now distinguish between women and men

Apple and Corona emojis

The headphones now come in their own Apple look and thus follow the general design line. Similar emojis on Apple devices already represent things like smartphones ?, laptops ?and watches in the Apple look.

The headphones icon in iOS 14.5 now shows the AirPods Max.
The syringe now has no more blood drops, so that it can also represent a vaccination syringe. 

Spotify (and others) as the default music player

Somewhat hidden is an option to finally set music services other than Apple Music as the default app. So far it has been the case that Siri automatically plays music via Apple Music when you give the command. In the iOS 14.5 beta, on the other hand, Siri asks during the initial setup which service you want to use to play. In addition to Spotify, other alternative apps such as Audible are also possible. If Apple Music has been uninstalled, Siri also plays music directly via its own streaming service.

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iOS 14.5 with solution for the Face ID problem

Face ID has proven extremely impractical in the corona pandemic. If you are wearing a mask, the sensor cannot recognize your face. Apple is aware of the problem and has been working on solutions to bypass Face ID for some time. A long time ago, the company delivered an update to speed up the unlocking process. In essence, this only resulted in the passcode entry appearing immediately when Face ID recognizes a mask in front of the face. Not an optimal solution compared to quick unlocking with one swipe.

With iOS 14.5 there should be a better solution that will make it easier for at least some iPhone owners to use their smartphones again. The prerequisite for this: an Apple Watch.

It is already possible now to unlock a Mac with the Apple Watch. You can also unlock the Apple Watch with the iPhone. However, the reverse has not yet been possible. With the developer beta of iOS 14.5, Apple is testing exactly this function. When the iPhone screen is switched on, the Apple Watch sends haptic feedback – a small indication that the iPhone has just been unlocked. Of course, this only works if the watch is close to the iPhone. And only when the Apple Watch is unlocked.

However, the workaround to bypass Face ID only works to unlock it. The passcode is still required for purchases in the App Store and when paying with Apple Pay. In addition, the iPhone asks for the passcode every few hours to be on the safe side, even if unlocking via Apple Watch is switched on.

Rumor has it that Apple could bring back Touch ID with the iPhone 13 to finally eliminate the mask problem with Face ID. A solution with a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which is already being used successfully in many Android smartphones, is conceivable. You can find more information about the new features in the iPhone 13 in our overview .

Transparent control over advertising tracking

In iOS 14.5, Apple will give iPhone owners full control over advertising tracking for the first time. Similar to access to the camera and storage, pop-ups appear asking if you want to activate advertising tracking for certain apps. With tracking, services like Facebook and Google can keep track of which apps you install, which pages you visit and much more.

Users can now specify that apps have to ask if they want to track data

So far, tracking was switched on by default, now you have to actively agree – or reject. Facebook has already sued against it and started an image campaign against Apple’s actions, as it fears financial losses due to the new transparency. The company is currently sending pop-ups to users asking them to turn on ad tracking.

Dual SIM with 5G support

The iPhone 12 is dual-SIM capable, but so far it only worked with an LTE connection. Only in China was there 5G connectivity in dual SIM mode. With iOS 14.5, Apple is now activating this feature worldwide, so that the faster speed is also available in other countries.

Expanded compatibility with gaming controllers

Anyone who uses the iPhone for gaming or cloud gaming can be happy. With the new update, the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X controller are also compatible with the iPhone.

The new DualSense controller can now also be used with the iPhone

Other new features in iOS 14.5

Make emergency calls via Siri

Siri can now be used to call emergency services in an emergency. The function is also available for older iOS versions at the same time, so it is not an exclusive update.

Reminders app

The app has got new options for sorting reminders by date, creation date, title, etc. In addition, users can now print reminders as a list.

Changes in iPadOS 14.5

Already available for iPhones, iPads can now also search for specific emojis. In addition, the iPad now also shows the loading screen with the Apple logo horizontally if it is rotated accordingly.

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