AirPods Pro clone for 20 euros from the discounter in the test

Wireless in-ear headphones are a dime a dozen. Apple AirPods Pro and devices from other well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Sennheiser and Co. like to cost between 100 and 200 euros. But how do no-name headphones, which are always offered by the Aldi discounter, fare in the TECHNOLOGY BUTTON test?

The Maginon BIK-40 are the successor to the Maginon BIK-3 . While the BIK-3 was externally based on the conventional AirPods from Apple, the BIK-40 (incorrectly identified as BIK-4 on the Aldi website) consequently look like AirPods Pro.

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Design and comfort

As already mentioned at the beginning, the BIK-40 are reminiscent of AirPods Pro. This applies to both the listeners themselves and the charging case. The latter in particular resembles the model but maximally in shape. Otherwise it is very light, rickety and just doesn’t feel valuable in the hand. A fact that we can get over at a price of 20 euros. At least the manufacturer has given its current model a USB-C port. The headphones themselves are a bit difficult to take out of the case, but they are well made and generally make a very good impression.

When it comes to wearing comfort, the Maginon BIK-40 really trumps. The headphones sit perfectly in the ear. Usually only the originals from Apple get such a good and pleasant feeling with my test ears. Nothing presses, nothing wobbles, just a stable hold and with exactly the right weight. A point that was already noticed positively with the predecessor, the BIK-3.

Overall, there are rubber attachments in three different sizes in the scope of delivery.

Easy setup in a few seconds

The setup on the iPhone was child’s play. After charging for the first time, simply take the earphones out of the case and put them in your ears. You can already hear that the device is ready to be paired. Shortly afterwards, the “BIK-40” appear via “Bluetooth” in the iPhone and these can be connected immediately with a tipper.

Operation now via touch surfaces

While the predecessor could still be controlled via buttons, touch surfaces are now used on the side of the receiver, as with the branded devices. These can be used both when making calls and when listening to music. The respective functions (accept / reject / hang up call, next / previous track, play / pause, voice assistant) are preset and cannot be adjusted. In the test, the areas responded reliably and the pre-allocation was intuitive. The inability to change the volume is the only downer that really bothered us.

Weak sound, strong mic

Unsurprisingly, the Maginon BIK-40 cannot keep up with Apple, Sennheiser, Sony and Co. in terms of sound quality. That’s not the point. The question that arose in the test is rather: Can you listen to music and podcasts reasonably decently with the headphones, or is the experience a torture?

Basically, it can be said that the BIK-40 sounds better than the BIK-3. So you can actually hear bass. And even at maximum volume, there is no noise in the highs or lows. But the sound is not clear, there is a real veil over it. That sounds a bit like listening to loud music from the next room through the closed door. Anyone who has already used high-quality headphones will hear a very clear difference. In terms of sound, the listeners are better than their predecessors, but still bad. And still: you can listen to music with it!

There is one point we have to complain about when it comes to sound! The BIK-40 can be turned very loudly. Here ear health is at risk and we strongly advise against using the maximum possible volume even approximately.

The microphone, on the other hand, is positive. In closed rooms, the quality is great and the other person’s voice is absolutely clear and precise. In the open air, the BIK-40 struggles with the same problems as almost all true wireless headphones.

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Conclusion: You can get it for 20 euros

In conclusion, it can be said that you can’t really go wrong with the Maginon BIK-40 for just under 20 euros. The quality is absolutely sufficient for numerous applications. Whether as an inexpensive replacement headset for emergencies or if you prefer to leave the expensive main devices at home. Particularly positive in this context. The Maginon BIK-40 have a great, albeit adopted, design.

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