7 things not to look for on Google

It is better not to ask the world’s most successful search engine for certain terms. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON will tell you anyway, because some are really funny.

If you want to know something, google it. The name of the search engine Google has meanwhile become synonymous with searching on the Internet. Whether information about people, events, illnesses or recipes – Google’s wealth of knowledge seems almost limitless. But even if it’s irritating, we shouldn’t google everything. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows you the terms that you shouldn’t type into the search bar.

1. Peanut the dog

Because of Snoopy! If you google “Peanut the dog”, you will see a completely different dog. Because Peanut calls himself the world’s ugliest dog. And yes, he was officially awarded the title. Not very nice, but fitting when you take a closer look at the animal. Due to burns, Peanut has to do without lips and eyelids. If you can do without a dog’s face with watery eyes and snot blisters, you should do without looking for Peanut.

2. do a barrel roll

Is there something missing in life? The search term “do a barrel roll” literally turns Google on its head. Entered and pressed Enter, the website rotates 360 degrees in a circle. Google introduced the curiosity as an Easter egg

3. Spoiler

Series fans know the problem: Before a new episode is available in Germany, it was often broadcast in the USA. The temptation to find out how things will proceed in advance is often quite great. This advance information is also known as a spoiler. As a curious creature, humans like to be spoiled, even if this takes away the surprise. Therefore, under no circumstances should you look for the outcome of your beloved series. By the next series marathon at the latest, you will notice that otherwise all your joy has been stolen from you.

4. Google Pacman

This warning goes out especially to all those who are sitting in front of the computer doing an important and urgent task. Under no circumstances should you enter “Google Pacman” in the search bar! Otherwise, there is a great risk that the productive working day will come to an end.

5. Giant crab spider

It is probably not only a nightmare for all people with a spider phobia, but the giant crab spider can scare even the toughest nature lover. More than 1200 species and more than 80 genera leave you speechless at first. Their size with a wingspan of up to 30 centimeters is also frightening. But there is some consolation: thank God, the specimen is not native to Germany, it lives in sub- to tropical areas of the world such as Australia or Southeast Asia.

6. Medical Symptoms

We all know it: a scratchy throat or a tug in the back and we google what kind of illness could be behind these physical signs. We actually also know that this is always a mistake. After a few clicks of the mouse, we are usually firmly convinced that we are suffering from a serious illness. At the end of the day, it’s all just black painting. If you have serious problems, you should rather ask the doctor in the same way instead of Google.

7. Snapewives

Harry Potter fans out there, be warned. In the vast expanse of the internet, there is actually a sizeable group of people who firmly believe that they are married to Snape from Harry Potter. This fan group posts photos of themselves with Snape on the Internet. We found that very absurd. Until we ourselves started imagining what it would be like to be married to Snape. At the latest then we knew that the time was ripe for the end of the day!

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