5 tips to save data volume on your iPhone

Automatically playing Facebook videos, apps that eat data undetected in the background and volume-devouring updates: If you are not careful, the monthly data volume can quickly be used up. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains how to reduce the data consumption of the iPhone.

Unfortunately, you have to manage the data consumption on your smartphone and if you are not careful, the mobile data will be used up before the end of the month. To prevent this from happening, TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has five tips with which you can save data volume on your iPhone and surf longer at full speed.

1. Check your own consumption

The first step to get the data usage under control is to find the biggest data suckers on your own mobile phone. All you have to do is open the iPhone settings and select mobile network . If you scroll down, you will find a list of all apps that use mobile internet and, more importantly, how much mobile internet they use.

Is there an app among them that you rarely or never use and that still uses a lot of data? In this case, you can either completely separate the app from the mobile Internet by flipping the switch next to the app and only use it in the WLAN or you can only switch off the background updates for the app.

To do this, you have to go back to the  settings of the iPhone and scroll down until you have found the app in question. Here you can now deactivate the  background update – so the app only uses the internet when you actually use it, which can sometimes save an enormous amount of data volume on the iPhone.

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2. Make WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. less hungry for data

With apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, for many it is not an option to deny them access to the mobile network or to switch off background updates. But here, too, there are ways to save data volume using the iPhone.

It is worth taking a look at the settings for both : WhatsApp, for example, allows content such as videos and voice messages to be downloaded automatically only via WiFi and thus saves volume. You can also set a reduced data consumption for WhatsApp calls. The way there leads within WhatsApp via the  settings . If you click on data and memory usage here , you can determine which data should be transmitted over the mobile Internet.

A big data hog on Facebook is the automatic playback of videos in the timeline. To deactivate this function, you have to tap on the three lines in the lower right corner of the app, then on  Settings  and  Account Settings . Here you can now select videos and photos and use the Autoplay function to limit the automatic download of videos to the WLAN. Depending on how much you use Facebook on the go, you can significantly reduce data consumption.

3. Switch off WLAN support

Since iOS 9, Apple has built a function into the iPhones that many users have unsuspectingly sent to reduced speed: “WLAN support” is the name of the function that ensures that the mobile Internet is automatically activated in the event of poor WLAN reception jumps in and thus ensures a faster connection.

The problem: The iPhone does not indicate that mobile internet is being used and users believe they are in the WLAN. This can lead to massive data consumption unconsciously. So if you regularly run out of data volume, you should deactivate this function as a precaution. To do this, simply tap the  settings  on mobile network  and scroll all the way down. There you will find the item WLAN support – deactivate it.

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4. Disable automatic app updates

If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone, automatic app updates can swallow up a lot of data. You should therefore check whether the iPhone is automatically loading updates and via which connection it is doing this. To do this, go to the  iPhone settings and select iTunes & App Stores .

Here you can not only see what is being loaded automatically, but you can also prevent it from being loaded via the mobile network. To do this, simply deactivate the Use mobile data function and save a lot of data volume with the iPhone.

5. Use a browser with data compression

In order to reduce data consumption even further, you can switch to browsers, which use compression to further reduce data consumption when surfing. Instead of using Safari, you can switch to Opera Mini , for example . Here the compression is activated automatically and you save valuable MB while surfing.

How much data volume do Spotify, Netflix & Co. actually use?

If you want to save data volume, you should also keep in mind what the individual streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify actually consume. Would you have thought that high quality Spotify is consuming over 100MB per hour?

In this regard, you can also save data volume by, for example, loading your Spotify playlists onto your iPhone in advance when you are on the go. The same applies to the streaming provider you use. Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +, for example, all offer a download function. You just need to have enough storage space.

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