25 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you want to work faster on your computer, you can save a lot of time with so-called shortcuts. Hidden or complicated commands can be executed in seconds. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON introduces the most important keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Anyone who has ever watched professionals working on their PC will be amazed at the speed with which they control programs, windows and processes. In most cases, however, this is not based on an exceptionally good mouse, but rather numerous key combinations. These are simply faster than any cursor on the display.

TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has listed the most important keyboard shortcuts for Windows with which you can speed up your everyday computer life. If, on the other hand, you work with an Apple laptop, here is a list of selected shortcuts for Macs: The most important keyboard shortcuts for Apple users.

The Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts in the Browser

All keyboard shortcuts work equally in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. They make everyday work easier by combining several mouse clicks in a shortcut.

  • CTRL + T: Open new tab
  • CTRL + D: Save the page as a bookmark
  • CTRL + W: Close tab
  • CTRL + R or F5: Reload the website
  • CTRL + L: Jump to the address bar with the cursor
  • CTRL + + (Plus): Increase the zoom
  • CTRL + – (minus): Zoom out
  • CTRL + 0 (zero): Reset zoom
  • F11: Activate full screen mode

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Documents in Windows Microsoft

These shortcuts work in Microsoft Word, for example. The keyboard shortcuts can also be used for PDF documents and many other functions.

  • CTRL + Z: Undo action
  • CTRL + P: Print
  • CTRL + S: Save document
  • CTRL + A: Select all
  • CTRL + F: Search

Common Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL + C: Copy selected content
  • CTRL + X: Cut selected content
  • Windows + Tab: jump between the windows
  • Windows + L: Locks the screen
  • CTRL + Alt + Del: Opens an emergency menu (especially useful if the PC hangs)
  • Windows + D: Show desktop
  • Windows + down arrow: Minimize window
  • Alt + F4: Closes the program
  • CTRL + V: Paste selected content (these must be selected beforehand, e.g. with Ctrl + C)
  • Windows + E: Open Explorer or file manager
  • Windows + Shift + S: Screenshot

This list contains only a selection from our editorial team. The number of key combinations is almost infinite. Microsoft has listed numerous combinations on a support page. Depending on how you use your laptop in everyday life, you will need different shortcuts.

More Tricks to Make Windows Even More Comfortable

Often it is not the hardware but the Windows operating system itself that slows down the computer. If your computer gets stuck again, you should definitely take a look at the autostart programs. These often run unnecessarily in the background and use up resources. You can also adapt the look to your preferences, for example by removing the tile look or using the secret start menu. If you are planning a new acquisition anyway, TECHNOLOGY BUTTON gives tips for the correct Windows move to a new device.

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