20 paid apps that are free for a short time

In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store there are always apps that normally cost money that can be downloaded for free. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has compiled a list of the apps that are temporarily free.

The selected apps are not offered permanently for free. So if you are interested in an application, be quick with the download. In our selection, we have concentrated on apps for Android and iOS that have at least received a good rating and sorted them according to categories for a better overview.

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Free apps in the Apple App Store


Looking4Cache Pro (otherwise 6.99 euros)

An app for geocachers with offline maps

4.4 / 5 stars (204 ratings), includes in-app purchases

BeWeather 3 (otherwise 4.99 euros)

A comprehensive weather app with a widget

4.3 / 5 stars (262 ratings)


Split Screen: MultiTasking Web (otherwise 4.99 euros)

Finally multi-tasking on the iPhone – at least with this browser

4.3 / 5 stars (6 ratings)


Learning apps

My 1st app – airport (otherwise 2.29 euros)

A multi-award-winning children’s app that aims to promote motor skills, attention and patience with four small games

4/5 stars (4 ratings)


Rhythm Cat – Read Music (otherwise 4.99 euros)

The app is designed to help you learn to read music in a playful way

4.3 / 5 stars (39 ratings)

Creativity apps

Tahrir App – Text on image. (Otherwise 2.99 euros)

Write on pictures using a variety of fonts and other elements

4.6 / 5 stars (339 ratings)



Interval Timer □ HIIT Timer (otherwise 10.99 euros)

An interval timer for workouts. The Lifetime Pass is currently free of charge in the app via the sidebar.

4.8 / 5 stars (22,722 ratings)


Adventure Beyond Time (otherwise 2.29 euros )

A point-and-click adventure with many different and tricky puzzles

4.1 / 5 stars (63 ratings)


Paintiles (otherwise 1.99 euros)

A puzzle game that starts out harmlessly but gets more and more difficult

4.8 / 5 stars (23 ratings)

Bomb: A Modern Missile Command (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Who remembers the iPod with a click wheel and the bomb-catching game? Here is the remake for Touch

4.2 / 5 stars (20 ratings)


myDream Universe – Build Solar (otherwise 2.99 euros)

Start a new solar system with an asteroid

4/4 stars (341 ratings), includes in-app purchases


Free apps in the Google Play Store

Puzzle games

Classic Sudoku PRO (no advertising) (otherwise 2.09 euros)

Sudoku with a difference – with different sized grids and additional fields

4.5 / 5 stars (838 ratings), 50,000+ downloads


2048 – Puzzle Game (otherwise 2.19 euros)

The classic game about adding tiles in a 4 × 4 grid until you get to 2048

4/5 stars (2629 ratings), 100,000+ downloads, contains advertising

Arcade games

Falcon Squad – Galaxy Shooter (otherwise 0.79 euros)

A space shooter with polished graphics and six different spaceships – including difficult boss fights

4.2 / 5 stars (4074 ratings), 100,000+ downloads, includes ads and in-app purchases


Educational and children’s games

Broken Words PRO (otherwise 1.89 euros)

Put the word fragments in the correct order to find the term you are looking for

4/5 stars (89 ratings), 10,000+ downloads


Action and adventure games

Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival (otherwise 0.99 euros)

A 2D zombie shooter in which the player can choose from over 30 weapons and 20 skills

4.5 / 5 stars (46,325 ratings), 1 million + downloads, includes ads and in-app purchases

Card and strategy games

Cartoon Craft (otherwise 1.49 euros)

A small real-time strategy game with armies, raids and a real story

4.4 / 5 stars (53,394 ratings), 1 million + downloads, includes ads and in-app purchases


Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG game, Darkest Dungeon (otherwise 0.59 euros)

An RPG card game with different development paths

3.9 / 5 stars (11,497 ratings), 500,000+ downloads, includes ads and in-app purchases


Simulation and role playing games

ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP (otherwise 0.79 euros)

A clicker with heroes, equipment and crafting system

4.3 / 5 stars (15,052 ratings), 500,000+ downloads, includes ads and in-app purchases




Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro (otherwise 1.89 euros)

A practical equalizer with a bass boost function

4.5 / 5 stars (1656 ratings), 50,000+ downloads


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What you should know about temporary free apps

When downloading apps that are offered for free, you should always check beforehand how serious the offer appears. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON tries to filter out dubious apps, but we cannot always guarantee the authenticity of the respective offers. Unfortunately, it happens more often that apps are specifically offered as free and have a strike price, even though they were never sold at this price. These apps then often offer in-app purchases to remove advertising, for example.

In addition, when installing, you should pay attention to which access authorizations the free app wants to obtain. If something sounds strange to you, you should uninstall it immediately. The apps often use these permissions to spy on you and display targeted advertising. Whether an app displays advertising can also be found in the description on the store page.

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