12 legendary Christmas episodes from your favorite series

Christmas is just around the corner – not only can we enjoy a heavenly time in real life, there is also Christmas in many well-known series every year.

In the days over Christmas, many people have a little more time than usual. Time to watch their favorite series, for example. Regardless of whether someone is more of the “How I Met Your Mother” type or the “Stranger Things” fan, Christmas is celebrated somehow in most series. So for all of the Christmas addicts out there, here are our carefully curated Christmas episodes.

Christmas in popular series

“The Big Bang Theory”: Season 2, Episode 11 “The Gift Hypothesis”

With Chuck Lorre’s comedy “Big Bang Theory” about Sheldon Cooper’s nerd flat share, it’s actually very simple: Episode eleven of each season of the series always takes place at Christmas. In the second season, Sheldon faces a problem that we all know: When he learns that Penny has a Christmas present for him, he wants to show his gratitude and think of something suitable for her. In his “gift hypothesis”, however, it has to be something that should be roughly equivalent to Penny’s gift. Because he cannot make up his mind, he buys several gifts at once and then spontaneously decides which one is appropriate.

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“Stranger Things”: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Other Side of the Force”

Rumor has it that the upcoming season four of the series will play at Christmas. But until then we only have meager allusions to the festival, especially the finale of the first season. It also takes place on the festival of love and ends with a mysterious revelation: When Will washes his hands in the bathroom on Christmas Eve, he coughs and spits a worm-like creature into the sink. For a short moment he is then in the parallel world.

Where? On Netflix

“Riverdale”: Season 2, Episode 9 “Silent Night, Horror Night”

If you can handle a bit of drama at Christmas, the series “Riverdale” is the right place for you. Everything in Chapter 22 of the Archie Comics film revolves around Veronica’s search for the perfect Christmas presents. In doing so, she comes across a great secret from her father. After Penelope tells Cheryl they can’t afford Christmas this year, Cheryl takes matters into her own hands. Betty and Archie want to make Black Hood completely harmless and a dangerous showdown ensues. How exciting!

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“Friends”: Season 7, Episode 10 “The Christmas Armadillo”

It’s just one of the best Ross moments on “Friends”: Ross gets a visit from his son Ben over Christmas. So that he can surprise him, Ross looks for a Santa Claus costume, but doesn’t find any more. That’s why he has to make do with an armadillo costume …

Where? Amazon Video

“Rick & Morty”: Season 1, Episode 3 “Anatomy Park”

Jerry’s parents come to visit for the festival of love. To the surprise of everyone involved, the two bring a third person with them, a man named Jacob. Rick shows up a short time later with a friend named Ruben, who is homeless and disguised as Santa Claus. He greets the guests briefly and then retires with them to his garage. Morty has to help him, of course, and, well, the rest is just as crazy as in any other “Rick and Morty” episode. An amusement park has been set up in Ruben. Incidentally, the episode was inspired by “Jurassic Park”.

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“How I Met Your Mother”: Season 6, Episode 12 “Positive Thinking”

There are just so many festive “How I Met Your Mother” episodes. Immediately after “Positive Thinking” comes “How Lily Stole Christmas” (Season 2, Episode 11) and “Symphony of Enlightenment” (Season 7, Episode 12). “Positive thinking” stands out because of the setting (Ted actually wants to meet his friends in the cinema for the Christmas classic “Isn’t life beautiful?” And has a gingerbread house as a cinema snack) and the message. Everyone suddenly thinks about their lives when they think Lily is pregnant.

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“Bob’s Burgers”: Season 4, Episode 8 “Christmas in the Car”

Anyone who has a Chaos family will love this super-over-excited Christmas mood: After mother Linda bought a Christmas tree far too early (after Halloween), which has long since died, the Belchers have to find a new tree as quickly as possible. During their shopping spree they meet a grumpy candy cane truck driver who tries to scare them.

Where? Amazon Video

“New Girl”: Season 1, Episode 9 “Let there be light”

If you like it a little cheesy and loyal-friendly at Christmas, you will find the perfect episode of the well-known series here: Christmas is just around the corner, and Winston and Nick want to fly to their families for the festival – Schmidt is sad about it. Without further ado, everyone comes to his office party, where Schmidt gives a sexy Santa. Meanwhile, Jess realizes that she doesn’t love Paul. At the end there is a beautiful version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Zooey Deschanel’s band “She & Him”.

Where? Amazon Video, Netflix

“Simpsons”: Season 23, Episode 9 “The Next Generation”

The Simpsons family has been with us for so long that we’ve lost track of all the Christmas episodes that exist. This interpretation of the “Spirit of the Future Christmas” from Dickens’ classic “The Christmas Story” is one of the most outstanding Simpsons episodes ever. In the distant future, Lisa is married to Milhouse and has a rebellious daughter named Zia. Bart is divorced and has two sons with whom he does not get along. Maggie is heavily pregnant – and doesn’t know who the father is. The children come home for Christmas to spend Christmas Eve with Homer and Marge. Little by little, the family problems are brought up.

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“Gilmore Girls: A New Year”: Episode 1 “Winter”

Yeah, we know – the cult miniseries was a little disappointing and raised a lot of new questions. But the first episode, set in winter, is like coming home to Stars Hollow.

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“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: Season 1, Episode 11 “A Winter Night’s Dream”

For all series fans who also like it a little creepier at Christmas: Like everyone in the witches’ circle, the “Church of the Night”, to which Sabrina is known, celebrates a festival at the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Quasi the Christmas of the witches. The witch families come together and sit by a cozy and sturdy fire, sing their songs, tell ghost stories – and move closer together to protect themselves against the supernatural beings who may appear that night to do their jokes. Doesn’t sound that different from ours.

Where? Netflix

“The Prince of Bel Air”: Season 2, Episode 13 “Christmas Show”

For all 90s kids, this one is for you: The Banks family is going to a ski lodge in Utah for Christmas. Vivian’s sisters, their husbands and cousin Bobby also join the group there. It turns out that there aren’t enough beds in the hut, but that doesn’t spoil the family’s good mood. When the adults go to Christmas dinner together, the kids, who have become trusting due to the cozy Christmas atmosphere, let a mysterious visitor into the hut. That turns out to be a stupid idea, because the stranger takes the kids and the entire hut out like a Christmas goose …

Where? Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

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