100% discounted udemy courses for a limited time. [11.04.2021]

TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has prepared 100% discounted lessons on Udemy, the famous course purchase site for you.

How do users rate the Udemy course platform? What are the advantages and disadvantages and are the online courses worthwhile?

Online course providers differ in terms  of quality, ratings and price / performance.

The course provider Udemy has over 30 million users. These report  positive  and negative experiences .

What do the course participants like? What are you criticizing?

Who is Udemy?

  • Provider of over  100,000 online courses with over  30 million users
  • Founded in  2010 in San Francisco, backed by venture capital
  • Focus on computer science, business and lifestyle courses
  • Short YouTube-style lessons , not long lectures
  • Every expert can offer courses , the offer is not limited to universities

Evaluated positively in user reviews:

  • Selection: many topics. In addition to courses that can be used professionally (programming, economics, marketing), there are also hobby and leisure courses.
  • German courses: Compared to other international course platforms, Udemy also offers courses in German.
  • Manageable costs: Many of the online courses are available at moderate prices (€ 10-20).
  • Expert knowledge: courses from practitioners who want to impart directly applicable skills. The offer is not limited to well-known institutions and universities. Some Udemy instructors have tens of thousands of users and great reviews.
  • Direct teaching style: In the opinion of many users, getting started quickly is better than long basic lectures. Of course, that depends on the learning objective.
  • Preview: The lecturer’s presentation style can be checked in test videos. This is not possible with other course platforms.
  • Playback speed: Can be adjusted, which is very user-friendly, especially for longer lessons.

Sometimes rated critically:

  • Varying quality: Since everyone can post courses, the quality of the content is very different. And also the style of teaching . Some lecturers (from India, Asia) also criticize the comprehensibility of English in reviews. The course preview helps here!
  • Price changes: Some reviews and tests criticize the fact that the course prices change depending on time and user. As a rule, you should only book at prices below 50 €.
  • Few free courses: Some lecturers initially provide their courses for free. However, Udemy does not offer the permanently free learning option as with other providers .
  • Benefits of the Certificates: One small flaw is the poor reputation of Udemy course certificates with employers. The reason is the different quality of the courses. At Udemy, users learn to upgrade their S kills and not because of the certificates.
  • Little theory: If you are looking for theoretical fundamentals at university level, you will sometimes find better alternatives with other course providers.
  • Update: The courses are often created and then only rarely updated. However, the time of the last update is displayed.

Our conclusion:

  • Above all, Udemy offers applicable practical knowledge . There are many popular courses on programming, marketing, and lifestyle . If you are looking for academic learning opportunities based on theory, you will seldom find what you are looking for.
  • Since the quality is judged differently, you should see the lecturer beforehand . Is he a serious expert in his field?
  • The course preview is a great way to check the teaching style as well . You should definitely do this before booking a course!
  • If you have found a suitable Udemy course , you risk little due to the moderate prices .
  • Of course, it is always worth taking a look at our course directory to check any alternatives .
  • Specific questions can also be answered in the Udemy forum on Reddit , for example .

What are the alternatives to Udemy?

A selection:

  • LinkedIn Learning: Also offers courses for individual experts, also offers in German. However, in the subscription model instead of paying for individual courses.
  • Lecturio: German continuing education courses for a fee, with a focus on law, medicine and economics.
  • Coursera and EdX: The two leading providers of English courses at international universities. Overall high quality and longer course duration. Free learning is often possible, a paid certificate can also be booked.
  • Udacity: Specializes in IT courses, longer series of paid courses and individual free courses. Often more expensive than Udemy. The language of the course is English.
  • Pluralsight: Also specialized in computer science courses , bootcamp style and in English. Chargeable.
  • Skillshare: Short individual lessons to learn specific skills directly. Chargeable, in English.

Here you can access these courses for free by using codes for a limited time;

01- Data Analyst: PowerBI,PowerPivot,PowerQuery,PivotChart,DAX
02- Advanced Level Spanish Course
03- Become an HVAC PRO_The Ultimate HVAC Guide (Part 1)
04- Unity 3D Make A Complete Racing Game
05- Data Science Real World Projects in Python
06- Complete Advance Ethical Hacking Keylogger Practical C|AHKP
07- Network Protocol Analysis Using Wireshark Part-1
08- Fullstack Go Golang Node.Js Python PHP Sci Fi Dev Framework
09- Professional Website Design + WordPress Website Development
11- Social Media Marketing: Boost Business w/ Content & Stories
12- Outsourcing + Google Tools + Tripling Productivity Tactics
13- How to Create a Marketing Video for Your Business or Product
15- Lightroom Classic CC MASTERCLASS: Complete Easy Walkthrough
16- Verilog HDL Through Examples
18- JavaScript Fundamentals: A Course for Absolute Beginners
19- Big Data on Amazon web services (AWS)
20- Data Analytics with Excel PivotTables
21- Time Management for Professionals
22- Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch
23- Understanding HIPAA Compliance
24- Python For Data Analysis, Data Science & ML With Pandas
25- SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics
26- Create Free Desktop & Mobile friendly Web pages in 2 hours
27- Build a Mobile App without Coding in 2 Hours
28- Complete Shopify Guide- From Zero to Creating your own Store
29- Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms : MATLAB Programming
30- Google Chrome Extension Development From Beginning [2021]
31- The Complete AP and College Physics Course
32- Python for beginners – Learn all the basics of python
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