10 Streaming Recommendations for the Weekend

At the weekend you often finally get around to devoting yourself to a new series or film. But then the question often arises: What should I watch? TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has got series and film recommendations and reveals what to watch this weekend.

We once asked our colleagues in-house for the absolute insider tips for series and films. From the numerous recommendations we have put together a varied program for you, which hopefully has something for everyone.

Our Series tips for the weekend

Breaking Even (Season 1) in the ZDF media library (free) | Exciting drama mini-series

The story of the fictional billion dollar company “Lindemann” is full of intrigue and tension. The automobile manufacturer and the family behind it rely fully on an autonomous vehicle that is currently being developed, the “Lindi”. When he kills a woman right at the beginning, the drama begins. The main roles are two very different women who go on a search for the truth.

Modern Love (Season 1) on Amazon Prime Video | Love comedy with 8 episodes

Fans of so-called Rom-Coms should take a closer look at the series “Modern Love” this weekend. Each episode is about a different romantic story. These are based on the relationship section of the “New York Times”, which turn out to be extremely varied. “Modern Love” has a top-class cast including Anne Hathaway and Tina Fey.

The Sinner (seasons 1-3) on Netflix | dark crime series with mystery elements (24 episodes in total)

“The Sinner” is perhaps no longer a real insider tip. If you haven’t seen the series, you should give season 1 a chance in particular. Seldom has a story started so puzzlingly and mysteriously. It’s a beautiful day at the lake when a young mother (played by Jessica Biel) and wife out of nowhere stabs another bather in front of everyone’s eyes. Why did she do that? Detective Harry Ambrose has to solve this riddle. Seasons 2 and 3 deal with other acts, which are still cleared up by Harry Ambrose.

The Affair (Seasons 1-5) on Amazon Prime Video | Drama series with a total of 53 episodes

“The Affair” is quickly dismissed as a relationship drama that many people basically have nothing to do with. But this series manages to create so much tension in an excellent way that you don’t even want to switch off. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that too quickly, as there are already five seasons to be seen.

Snowpiercer (Season 1) on Netflix | Action and adventure series with 10 episodes

The Snowpiercer is a long train with 1001 wagons, which represents the last habitable environment for human and animal life on earth. The planet was hit by an ice age. In Snowpiercer there is a two-class system that came about when the train stormed shortly before departure. Originally, only the rich were supposed to be able to buy access to survival. Now, strictly separated from one another, in the front part are the rich who live in luxury. In the back of the train, the rest of them live under unworthy conditions. A constant tension arises between the poor, the rich and the train driver unknown to all.

Oktoberfest 1900 in the ARD media library (free) | Historical drama

Unfortunately, the Oktoberfest was canceled this year. The series “Oktoberfest 1900” can be recommended to all nostalgics, in which two beer families fight to build the first beer castle (marquee). But an aspiring brewer from Nuremberg needs the land of a long-established Munich brewer. Since he does not want to give this up, the Franconian starts an intrigue.

Our film tips for the weekend

David Attenborough: My life on our planet | Documentation

The 93-year-old naturalist David Attenborough has seen a lot in his life. In this documentary, as a contemporary witness, he tells of the sometimes devastating changes that he has experienced on our planet over the years. An exciting and sometimes frightening journey through time through our past, which should shake you awake.

Knives Out – Murder is a Family Deal on Amazon Prime Video | Detective film / detective story

A classic crime film that is somehow reminiscent of the Cluedo board game. The question this time: Who murdered the head of the family? Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas practiced in the leading roles for their appearance together in the upcoming James Bond film.

Nothing to hide – Le Jeu on Netflix | comedy

The French version of “The Perfect Secret” has been around longer than the German adaptation with Elyas M’Barek and we think it’s more successful. But the plot is similar. Happy couples meet for a private dinner and at some point decide to read out all incoming messages on their smartphones. Some secrets come out of it …

The Collini case on Sky Cinema | Court thriller

Based on the book of the bestselling author Ferdinand von Schirach, “The Collini Case” is about the story of the lawyer Caspar Leinen (Elyas M’Barek), who is assigned an extremely exciting case via a compulsory defense. Cinema | Court thriller


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